Llandudno's wild and crazy day out!

If you are around Llandudno and want a guaranteed fun and action-packed adventure give this blog a read!

Llandudno is well recognised for its history and fun facts, such as being a place that was used as inspiration for the notoriously famous fiction trilogy of Alice in the Wonderland. Llandudno is a town everyone has to visit at least once in their lifetime. This is why we suggest a cracking fun day for you and your family if you visit the classic town! Let’s begin by visiting one of the oldest pier's within history which is Llandudno’s great Pier.

Fun fact the attraction was constructed in 1876 by Sir James William Brunless and Alexander McJerrow. Since then, the Pier has seen incremental change, such as having an arcade, food, and beverage alongside astonishing views for your family and friends. In fact, the pier has gained so much notoriety that ITV Wales is launching a new television series, 'The Pier', that seeks to share the positives and negatives that have occurred on the Llandudno Pier during the summer of 2021 after the Coronavirus legislation was lifted.

After going to the Pier for some sightseeing and fun at the arcade, we recommend your next destination to be Llandudno’s historic caves that date back 4,000 years to the Bronze Age, even before the ancient Roman invasion. Furthermore, the past three decades have made the Llandudno Caves fascinating to Cavers, archaeologists alongside mining engineers. The Great Orme mines welcome both Adults and Children, which is fantastic for fun and excitement.

To finish the evening, we recommend a nice meal to relax after an exciting day. Now, there are a wide variety of establishments you can visit in Llandudno, such as Johnny Doughs Llandudno. As they make their own creative twist on a traditional Italian wood-fire style pizzas such as the Sheep/Chicken Shish Kebab, Johnny Meaty Special or the Mussel Mariniere.

Once this is all done, you're all stuffed up and packed. We recommend a quick walk along the seafront of Llandudno so you can burn off those drinks and that cheeky dessert you wish never had. Once this is done, get home, put your feet up, have a chillax and get ready for another action-packed adventure within the great Welsh town of Llandudno.